Man in the mirror! Michael Jackson for National Gallery - London!


Hi there,

I’ve got a request for a Michael Jackson Portrait Exposition at the National Gallery - London.

Here is the result.

I Hope you like it!

Material used:
Mirrored Acrylic
Black 5mm shiny Acrylic.


Love it…very clean and striking!

On a side note: I know we say, use a banana for scale. But wow…you went the distance with your fruit spread…lol


Wow! You’ve got some amazing connections. It’s great that they can count on you for really cool customized decorative items. The Michael Jackson piece is great! And now I want a fruit salad…


Yup I suppose the white glove would be too much, it is a great result from a daunting challenge, “Oh by the way, We have an international exposition of top artists doing portraits of Michael Jackson, Could you whip one up in a couple of days?”


Hi there, where too?


Hi, where too?
Happy to post it today if you want.


Nice job! :slightly_smiling_face:


Really nice work! The stand is just so perfect for this piece!


Wow! Looks great!