Manadala Generator with SVG Export

I don’t see any previous references to this, so you’re welcome and I’m sorry [Giant time-suck ahead]. MandalaGaba hosts generators for Mandalas, tesselations, recursive drawing, recursive-based plant drawings, and snowflakes. MandalaGaba Pro (they’re all free) is a mash-up of all of them, and it also allows you to save SVGs. I have not tested the SVGs yet to see how clean they are; I’ve been busy drawing!

A few tips:

  • This works beautifully with an iPad and Apple pencil. I was not able to export as an SVG, though. If you have this problem, copy the link and load on your computer. The link corresponds to your artwork.
  • Exporting to SVG prompts the option to share to social media, so uncheck if you do not want to share.
  • If you start with pro and just want a Mandala, click on the empty box next to the triangle in the upper left corner and then adjust the numbers above to the number of axes you’d like.

That’s it. I’d love to see what you guys come up with!

Here’s my first one. I used “fork into a new session” - it copies the design into a new link - in case anyone wants to build on it (they also have a cooperative mandala tool) via this link:


Looks good but the screen just keeps reloading on me. Can’t even get started.

Thank you! I really want to try this. It’s now on the list.

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Hey, thanks for the share! I’ll give it a whirl.

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Looks like everyone is drawing on top of your fork…


It seems the sample Mandala isn’t loading properly. Try going to the original link…

Hah. No wonder it won’t load. :slight_smile:

Anyway, that’s why I posted it (and why I used a fork and not the original!).

So is Pro free? I clicked the Pro link and was able to download an SVG.

Buried in the About is a link to an iOS app version for $0.99. The note says it’s just a copy of the web site so it’s just a way to donate.

Anyway, awesome. I looked at an Illustrator mandala tutorial and stopped after about 5 minutes of the required 15 minute template setup voodoo.


Kind of surprising how hard it still is to do that stuff in Illustrator!

Yep. Pro is free. I might buy the app to support the cause,

I brought the file into AD and it looks pretty good. You have to remove the background, but that’s pretty easy. The strokes are all individual pieces, which is to be expected, but I haven’t gotten so far as to load it into the GFUI.

Really? I love a giant time suck! I’m clicking it!

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