Mandala Engrave on 140 lb paper

Loving the way the paper engraves. I glued it on wood backing for a pendant. thinking I might use resin to seal it.


Wow, that turned out very nice! It looks so delicate!


Great result!

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So did you glue then engrave/cut? Or did you cut and engrave the paper, then cut the wood, and manually glue it up?

Amazing result!

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I cut some layers ones from PG Draftboard, painted then glued.

Ive done some 6 layer designs on 140 lb colored stock that I purchased at Michaels.


I engraved then outlined the mandala image with the new outline feature (loving the new features on the interface) cut out wood glued together. I work with resin a lot thinking i might put a nice resin dome on top keep it sealed.


ohhhh these are amazing love them!

I’ll upload the file in a bit.

Update - Her is the file I promised.

Layered Mandala

it’s the tiny pink speck :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

Update - Fixed tiny speck so you can see it. Thank you @wesleyjames.


It really is the file, I downloaded it myself to try.

Discourse does this all the time.

If you go edit the post you can add a zero or two to both numbers and it’ll boost the size.

1x1 into 10x10 or some such.

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Those are GREAT! I need to lean paper and cardboard. Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

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Wow! That is so beautiful!

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Nice turnout. Love paper.

wow that’s incredible!

This has inspired me to try paper! Love the design and color combination! Thanks so much for sharing the file!