Mandala: Fully Loaded

Sixth mandala exploration:

Back to cardstock glued to BB, with a really vivid color scheme. The rear layers (difficult to see in this light) are bright turquoise blue shades.


I don’t have to tell you … but, it’s gorgeous!! I love the frame corners, so lovely!


Thanks, but I can’t take credit for the design, in fact this is a repeat of Fury Road.


These are so stunning and so complex. I don’t think we need to tell you anymore how beautiful they are.


They’re really easy to make, find one you like on Etsy and go for it.

I like to paint or glue paper to the wood before I cut it but you can do colors after the fact too. Sky’s the limit, really.


I agree - those corners are pretty awesome!


So pretty! I love the design as well as the color scheme.


Beautiful - and I am guessing the photos don’t do it justice.

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They never do… the colors are really vivid.

It’s a real pleasure to pull the masking off, you get your first look at the colored layer and it is just so pleasing.

Love that! Really impressive!!!

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what glue do you use?

Titebond between cut layers, elmers white to bond the cardstock to the BB.

Honestly, spray adhesive would probably be better for the mounting process. Elmers has a fair amount of water in it I think, because the boards definitely want to warp during the cardstock gluing process.


I use 3M 77 spray adhesive for bonding chipboard, cardstock, paper, etc. It’s probably overkill but I have it, so…

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And I don’t so elmers it was for me.

It gets the job done, but the warp is kind of a pain to weigh down while it dries, etc.

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I was reinforcing your comment about using spray, not arguing with you.

Why does that remind me of the Rose Window at Notre Dame? Beautiful!

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I didn’t think you were. I should google 3M spray adhesive, because the fact that you mentioned 77 implies that there are 76 others. I should find out what the deal is with the various formulae.


Not so much… For consumers, mostly “74” for foam, “77” for cardboard and similar, and “90” for non-porous materials like metal and plastics.

Scotch and other brands have similar spray adhesives, some even use the same numbering.


How much open time does 77 have?

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Based on experience and not the specs, 2-3 of minutes. It behaves like a contact cement.

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