Mandalorian Snowflake

Where my Mandalorian fans at?
This is not my idea/design. It’s from someone called @whitebread_studios over on instagram. But he’s cool with people using his design for free, just not commercially.
Anyway, I traced his snowflake into this SVG. I’ve cut it out of plywood and moreover out of mirror acrylic (SOOOOO shiny!)


Painted plywood


Soo cute

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This is the way.


" I have Spoken"


I love this.


Thank you!


Now THAT is a snowflake I can respect.


Love it. Just watched the second season. Got the impression it was the end of the series. What do you think?

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Love it!

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Awesome. Without a doubt, it is the way.

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I’m only a few episodes in to the second season. So I can’t really answer this (yet!) … I like to savior my screentime, so it takes me forever to get through a show.

Not me. Once I get into a show, I often stay up all nite to watch it.and it gets really good after the first 2-3 episodes.

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This is so great!! My husband is obsessed with this show! And I was in need of a last min gift for him!!


It’s supposed to be 4 seasons, I thought… That was what an article i read said when it first came out.

I hope so. Just that the ending of season 2 felt like an “ending”. It got really good after the first couple of episodes in season 2.

I fully agree… It felt like the end of the show. Everything wrapped up nicely and all…

I love the snowflake! And season 2 was great - hope they come up with another storyline to follow because I’m not ready for it to be over.

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I am a total newbie with the GF. Where is the design?

Welcome to the forum.

The file is the small line drawing type thing in between the text of the original post and the photos. Right click and save as svg to your computer.

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hello, i may be too late. i do not see the link to download