Mango Leather

When they said fruit leather, I thought of the snack. Anyone tried to laser it yet? The video brought up some good points about the pros and cons.


Very interesting!


I just sent them an inquiry about the composition of the material, especially the backing and adhesives. They don’t have a proper MSDS in their site, but I asked specifically about chorinated plastics like PVC, we’ll see what they say. I suspect it’s all good but it’s a good idea to be cautious.


I can’t wait to hear what you learn, this sounds really interesting.

Yeah it’s cool… but it isn’t cheap, that’s for sure. 4-5x as expensive per square foot compared to some leathers.

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If it lasts longer than the vinyl pleather stuff that falls apart in a year it might be worth it!

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I bet it smells yummy when you laser it.


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