Manual Cold Laminator for Masking Boards

Has anyone used a manual cold laminator to speed up the masking of non-Proofgrade materials? If so, can you recommend a brand? Any tips/hints/tricks to make it easier? Other ideas to make masking go faster? Thanks in advance!

That would an awesome device! Let us know if you find one!

In the meantime, I shared a Masking Tape Holder here.


I have a 64" cold laminator, but I wouldn’t ever bother trying to use it to mask laser material. I find it much faster to use (a selection of) properly sized squeegees :

I have these:

and lots of flavors of these, although the gold is my go-to:

A strong, well-built brayer or roller can be very handy (avoid the cheapo plastic/preee-rivet ones, like some from speedball: you want to be able to press down very firmly on the tool). I have this TSA-1 from 3M, designed for hot-application of vinyl. It’s overkill for masking, but it works a treat.

I have also heard great things about these large squeegees from YelloTools (a german company that makes very nice, high-end sign-making tools)


Thanks! Very cool!

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