Many thanks to glowforge support - speedy replacement

I was having serious problems with my device not working, and in two days they diagnosed the problem and got a new glowforge pro on it’s way out to me. Very pleased with the speed of the turnaround and willingness to resolve problems. I’d like to thank the support team for this especially after me giving them so much grief about it :slight_smile:

Fingers crossed that our subzero temps here in Minnesota don’t damage my precious laser cooling system before it even gets to me tomorrow!


ME TOO! My new Glowforge Pro replacement is on its way too (got the tracking number today). A big THANK YOU :grin: to the support team! I was pleasantly surprised to say the least.


Wow! impressive - good work Glowforge!

laser arrived Friday, test firing it today after letting it warm up to room temperatures… it was icy cold! but all seems good. thanks again, GF support.


I will pass that along to the team! I apologize for the first dead unit, and I’m glad we could set you right.