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Hi everyone,

Quick question. I’m working on a map engraving Project. I have a bridge that is black and I inserted the name of the bridge in white letters. Will the white be engraved with the black or will the laser not print around the white so you can see the name of the bridge? Same question with the name of the rivers.

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Is this an image that you’re engraving, or a vector file? The answer to your question will depend on this. I’m assuming image file like jpg or png. If so, then then it will also depend on what setting you use, like covert to dots or vary. It will skip anything that is white. For vector files, it will show up as seperate options to engrave, as it sees white as a different color. Hope this makes sense.


The answer will also depend on what software you’re using, so please include that too.

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The file is a .png and the program is “Graphic” used on my iPad.

Thank you. Very helpful. Much appreciated.

I’d probably do a test run with a small portion of the file cropped down to just a small size that includes the river and the river name. Not sure if there is enough difference in color between the grey and black to maker a noticeable difference in the engrave. Test with both covert to dots and vary power.


As a png it Will print as shown. I’d turn the white to invisible background to eliminate any noise though.


and clean that test cut before you make a determination - I find that white letters pop amazingly, but only after you’ve removed the cover of laser residue!

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