Map Files-Going, Going, Gone



The links to the E-Commerce site were shut down today. I have uploaded all the files to my Google Drive and if you want all 50 states, the two U.S. Continental files and the 27 World map projections, they are available to download for $75. If you are interested, I can Message you the process for obtaining all the files, over 1 Gig of data.



I am very interested in purchasing please! Thank you!



I Messaged you last night with info, but it apparently did not go out, so will try again.



Sorry, I got them this morning! Will be sending g payment soon. Thank you so much


Wow, those look great!
I’m clearly a little late to the game…
Any chance you will ever offer the single state files individually again?
I would love to do a florida project, but really don’t need the entire set.


+1 to this. I booked marked the site awhile ago and went back yesterday to see about getting Nebraska and Kansas but the links didn’t work to buy and I had no clue what the source was I found the link. Just stumbled across this again. :smiley:


Is there any way I can get the files from Oklahoma? Tulsa, and Oklahoma City:?


I’m interested in buying the whole set, @timtsuga if it is still available. :pray:


Same - would love a price


Also missed this as I had to evacuate Panama City and finally made it back with internet, power, etc. Interested if any of the states will be offered individually again.


Wow, glad to know you’re okay!