Map of my school

I made a map of my school for the facilities folks, using drone photographs, county maps, and Illustrator. Then I figured there was no reason to limit it to pixels and paper. My boss saw it, and asked if it could hang in the lobby, so there it sits.


Nice, clever work. Can you talk abut the frame? Did you make that too, or was it purchased?


Great idea! Turned out nice with the contrasting materials.


That’s beautiful! It’s art on its own, that it’s also an accurate map just ups the coolness factor :smiley:
Are the buildings actually 3D or is that an illusion of the photo?

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Thanks! The buildings are 3D. They are 3-4 additional layers, approximately to scale. I wish now I’d made them just a little taller,though.

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I actually had my favorite frame shop do that part. I wanted to make sure it was secure, and they also had a really great selection.