Map of Westeros - Game of Thrones

For you GOT fans.




The map looks beautiful. Is that cherry wood it’s printed on? Lovely color.

Sadly this will strip rasters from .svgs when you upload. You’ll need to put it into a zip file to get it to appear here.

Gorgeous work!

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Will do

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It is

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Thank you for sharing.

What settings do you use? What size seems to work out best?

Wow, very nice map! Did you draw that?!?

Honesty i did it on proof grades cherry play wood and let the device figure it out

No I got it off of a fan website and cleaned it up a bit

I uploaded the zip file but when I entered it to GF it said the file is empty. Do I need to save it another way?

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What is your email. I will send it to you

I have no clue why it says that

Thank you so much!

Oh, can you post the link to the original too? (It is good to give credit since we are only supposed to share our own original designs based on the forum rules.)

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I am getting the same “empty” message after unzipping and loading your image. Would love to burn it on some cherry I have. Could you email me your file please?