Maple Laminate Cake Topper

My friend asked if I could make her a cake topper for her son’s baptism. Sure!! Decided to ty it with Maple Laminate. Had to tape it down with masking tape since it had already warped since shipment and it did warp while cutting but luckily only the ends that go into the cake. I cannot believe how clean it cut and it is fairly strong. I cut it in reverse, so the maple is on the back and she sprayed the front blue or you could press it into sprinkles!


Oh, it’s wonderful! So much fun to be able to create a beautiful, custom decoration like this in such a short time.

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Tried to find someone to do a cake topper back in 2008 cut from mirrored acrylic. I’ve wanted a laser ever since!

Great job!

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Oh, how special! That will make a memory that will last a lifetime! :grinning: