Maple memento

I’m not putting this in MOAG because I didn’t make it. I thought I saw it here on the forum, but I guess not. May have been the Facebook group, but I can’t check because I rage quit that cesspool.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure I bought this as a result of someone saying they etch these bottles on a Glowforge. If I’m misremembering… well… it’s still pretty cool.

I really hope that, before too long, we’ll look back on this time and ask “Did that really happen?” And I’ll get this out of the vault, and there will be pancakes and we will breathe each other’s air and everything will be fine.


Very cool.

Glowforge: the perfect breakfast accompaniment.



Hahaha. I did that years ago, so now I leave all the FB stuff to my wife.

I hope those things, too - but I am not going to rush back into crowded spaces.

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:clap: :clap: :clap: I look forward to that.

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Cesspool is right! I get that rage quit thing. I, too, hope for pancakes together and all things being fine!

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