Maple Plywood eyeglass rack



My second project on the forge. Designed a little rack to hold my different eyeglasses. More “experience” but not a bad result. Cut the .26 cardboard just fine at 175/85 for the prototypes. Print time was just over 5 minutes for the plywood. I’ll probably come back to this and redo it at some point, make it better.


Excellent functional yet decorative item!


Very nice! Design looks a little bit retro! :grinning:


Very neat design! I like my other glasses stored in their case … but, this is very neat!

I like your design and using the cardboard to test the project is something I have to start doing.




Cool! I didn’t know there were Blatz collectors.

Also, nice design. If people don’t stop using blurry fonts (I suspect frame manufacturers are funding this sudden blurry-font-fad to boost sales) soon I may be forced to look into something similar.


Before I saw that you had made the original one out of cardboard, I thought you had put snakeskin designed veneer on the edges of your stand and was thinking how fancy it looked. Then I saw you made it out of cardboard :man_facepalming:


Can you share svg files?