Maple plywood source

Has anyone found a good source for 1/8" maple plywood (other than PG)?

Rocker carries it in 1/4, which might work for me, but 1/8" would be preferred for this project.

you might try Johnson Plastics. they have 3 types of 1/8" maple: a “faux” maple, a laminated maple that appears to be very similar to proofgrade, and an unfinished maple sheet. They are all 12"x24", so would have to be cut down to fit on the GF bed. they are not pre-masked.


Bookmarked, some of those look very interesting.

Thanks for posting the link.

I just placed an order for the 1/4" maple plywood from Johnson Plastics earlier today, since I need the unfinished material. This is one that I have not tried yet.

I have used their Duro Maple, and it was great; although it came warped, which made it more difficult to use. JP was great in responding.

Hmm if you’re in the right part of California, there’s these guys:

I’m still hunting for a source that will ship.

Looks like MacBeaths has it and will ship, but their site is broken, due to security violations with their AJAX implementation. I’ll have to call them on Monday.