Maps and Puzzles For Christmas

I did a good job making a lot of my gifts on the Glowforge this year.

I made a couple of topographic maps. One of my dad’s farm, and one of my grandmother’s home town. I used USGS elevation data to get the contours, Openstreetmap for the roads and boundaries, and then I just eyeballed the farm buildings. Each one is multiple layers of 1/8 inch baltic birch.

And then I made a couple of puzzles for my nephews using PG acrylic.

Everything turned out great.


They all look great! :grinning:

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Those are great! Thanks for sharing.

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may i ask how you glued the pictures onto the backs of the acrylic? (also assumed you cut them after you glued the pics). im trying to do an image transfer with wood and a gel medium and having difficulty with the toner not sticking to the wood . thanks in advance.

Your projects turned out fantastic—the giftees will love them!

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Agreed! I really liked the maps, and then I saw the puzzles (and liked them too). Fine work!

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Maps and puzzles! Both are great gifts! Love the puzzles especially!

Sorry for the late response.

I printed them out at the Fed-Ex store, and then just used spray adhesive to glue them to the acrylic. I would guess that could work fine for wood too, but I went with plastic since I figured it might hold up better for a five and three year old.