Maps-Mumbai, India

Map of South Mumbai, India. 12x18 framed.

Used white and brown chipboard. I use BB plywood normally, but recently the quality of BB has dropped dramatically. I had to switch to chipboard for consistency and it looks like I will stick with it going forward. Its bad out there with anything to do with plywood or lumber!


If you like the idea of switching to a consistent paper product, check out matboard. It cuts consistently and comes in as many colors as you can imagine.


Thank you, I saw the matboards but chipboard was a bit cheaper, and the white one was glossy. Matboard is on my wishlist for future.


Oh I bet the glossy looks good.


It does. :slight_smile:

I have had bad luck with the stuff that tries to put lots of wood bits back into a sheet of wood :unamused:

These looks great!

Its called chipboard but its mostly high density cardboard/fiber, no visible pieces of wood in it. I tore into one to sort of delaminated it. Didn’t see any voids or pieces of cardboard or wood. It looked very consistent, more like draft board, without the crumbling powder.


The only problem I see is it charring a lot. Need to play with it more and fine tune the power/speed combo.

Oh and it is strong enough, at least the white one, to withstand the medium tack transfer tape.


Much thicker than cardstock and flimsy chipboard. Thickness is

According to Yoda_Bear?

The big question is what moisture will do to it over time. MDF frequently returns to the sawdust from which it came.

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Great map!


I use a bunch of chipboard in “plain”, white, and black. It comes in different thicknesses although I’ve generally only used what is sold as “medium.” Great stuff, cuts very fine details consistently. If char is a problem, I toss it in a bag of salt that I keep alongside the machine. Doesn’t completely remove it, but it helps. I have a dozen or more things around the house cut from it, and have given dozens more away to friends and my daughter. It’s what in my experience Jigsaw puzzles are stamped out of, and I’ve made a fair few of those as well. I laminate pictures/photos/commercial product boxes onto a sheet, and cut from that. One of my favorite materials.


Nice, thanks for the tips. :slight_smile:

So beautiful. Do you have a video or any tips on how to create a map in inkspace like this? Thank you!

There are several tutorials on Instructable and YouTube videos. The easiest one is here

The most important tip is to delete streets that are very close that can burn to a crisp.