Marble Cutting Board Settings

Hi everyone, I bought a few marble cutting boards from Ross and have been playing with some settings on the one that broke on its way home. I couldn’t decide which one should be a tester, so I guess it decided for me. Anyway, I couldn’t find too much on Marble settings so I thought I’d share what has worked so far. Here’s the settings I best like so far. I used a butterfly from the Dashboard for the test image.
Thick Cherry Plywood-Speed 250-Full Power-LPI 270-1 Pass - Auto Height



Looks good.


Looks great. Thanks for sharing. I bought some marble coasters I haven’t had a chance to use yet so this is helpful.


Nice. BTW, you can do multiple passes, I think I remember 9 passes to get this depth in Travertine.

The dust tends to fuse in the edges and corners so you have to physically scrape it out between passes - and ensure the work doesn’t move! I used magnets on the bed against its edges to “pin” it in place.
Exploring materials was the most fun I’ve had in years. :sunglasses:


Great info! Thanks for the tip! Marble is the new slate!!


Thanks for the tip about the dust fusing in the tight spots, I wouldn’t have thought about that. Then again, I wouldn’t have though about doing 9 passes on travertine, but that depth is great!


I was surprised I could “incise” the stone like that! Just exploring, “I wonder what happens if I run it again…?”
BTW, it’s for a table setting place marker - not a tombstone! :grin:

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Polished marble turns out amazingly. Full power and speed:

I get a lot of unpolished ones from Ross as well and the unpolished black still looks great. Here is a polished and unpolished side by side of the colors:


Beautifully work with a classy look.

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I got me a set of pink marble coasters and decided to try my hand at engraving.
Here is the result.

Before, after engraving, and after enhancing engraving with black ink.

Finished set.

An unintended bonus is that the contrast of the image becomes enhanced with the water condensation from the cold glass. Serendipity.


These are awesome.

I keep making coasters out of wood and they warp after a while. But I LOVE mixing species of wood to make fun coasters.

So perhaps I’ll just keep doing that. And I’ll add stone into the mix.


That turned out great. How did you apply the ink?

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After engraving I wash the marble dust with plain water, towel dry, apply acrylic black ink and rub into the engrave. Leave to dry about a minute, and then rinse with water. The ink in the engraving will remain.

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Wow, I would have thought it would permanently stain the surrounding marble. Great work!