Marble Engraving

I tried this on the glowforge.

Intricate design don’t turn out well on marvel. Also, the setting below were as

Speed - 600 , Power - Full , Vary Power - 0 , LPI - 225, Number of Passes - 2

If anyone has any suggestions on this . Please do.

Uploading: 16B5120C-B4F9-4342-9EA8-1F5FA206662C.jpeg… Uploading: 9AD96550-99FB-44DA-9B50-5B8FF22A1A78.jpeg…


I was shocked when I found how deeply you can engrave marble. It’s pretty awesome.
What’d you use to color?


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Is that actual marble? I was able to pick up a buttload of it from someone and I haven’t had ANY luck getting it to engrave.

Yes. The engraving is decently deep. But I had to clean my glowforge. It got a bit messy.

Yes I used acrylic colours on it.

I got it from Amazon.

Gotcha. Thanks. I’ll try it with your settings when I get a chance and see if that gives different results.

If you have a resell for your area on facebook, join it. I’ve gotten a buttload of acrylic dirt cheap and so much marble that the wife was talking about claiming it to redo her small bathroom.

Oh, right. I do recall it created a lot of smoke, but no odor as I remember.

Fun work.

Do keep in mind marble has various density of stone crystals within it, which can affect the depth & quality of the etching as it hits the different crystals/veins, not unlike working with different woods, their knots & plywoods and dealing with glues and pockets in the layers. So don’t expect to get finer definition than the grain size of the stone–it’s not actually cutting the stone, but blasting it out it tiny little increments as the laser hits it.

You may want to find some with as little veining or color variation to improve the consistency–but it’s a natural material that part of what gives it its beauty is the crystal variation that means it’s not going to give as consistent results as a uniform or homogeneous material…

I’ve only played around with etching my business logo on some small scrap tiles I have, and it wasn’t as fine line work as you’ve tried, and I was happily surprised at how good it came out, but it wasn’t super smooth edges, either (I have a load of odd bits as over the years I’ve done a lot of tiling projects in my houses).


Got it. My father did some research and he suggested to try more milky quality marble so to be able to achieve the detailing. I will be soon trying on that and back with the update on it.

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I didn’t quite understand your comment with respect to facebook.

Marble engraving would be cool for the bathroom, just friendly suggestion - try to not use fine details. bigger the better.

I bet you could do this all day long.

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In my area, we have resell groups where people sell their “stuff”. I was browsing one day last week when I saw someone selling a box of marble for like $15. When I got there, it was alot more than I was expecting.

What I’m saying is to look a areas like that for supplies too. You might be surprised at what you’ll find.

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Certainly. Thank you :grinning:

Hi I’m having no luck…I’m engraving on a marble board and it’s not even leaving a scratch. Settings are full power 225 lines 3 passes. Please help???

It may be that the marble you have is harder than what the OP used - your best bet it to keep trying - my first suggestion would be to raise the LPI significantly higher.

First, make sure it is marble and not granite or similar. you are not saying how fast you are going so it is hard to tell, but even if you are creating CaO the biggest problem is that it is water-absorbent, fluffy, and makes a mess until washed away. Granite is way harder and each crystal engraves differently.