March Announcement Reaction

Another hugely disappointing monthly announcement.

Reneging on the user-replaceable tube core functionality will likely cost GF most of their international sales and a chunk of their domestic ones, too, if the only option for tube replacement is to ship the unit back at the owner’s cost.

And why no update on camera/laser alignment, particularly the use of the head camera in supporting pass-through cutting and two-sided cutting? Are these core functionalities also in danger?


They mentioned they just got the first pro units in, I’d be surprised if the software supporting this was anywhere near done, and they don’t really ever update on unfinished software (which is frustrating but one of the support choices I understand as the second you push a ship date for sw is the second you find like 47 mission critical bugs. “99 bugs in the code in the IDE, 99 bugs in the code, take one out, toss it about, 124 bugs in the code in the IDE…”).


@dan Can you please comment more on the tube replacement. I am an international purchaser and from what you said, it feels like I will need to ship my unit back to the US every 2 years to have the tube replaced? Is that right?

This is a massive deal for all International buyers and if you aren’t emailing them all individually to inform them of this change I strongly suggest you do to avoid some very unhappy customers who didn’t read this update.

Beginning to feel like Lando Calrissian in “The Empire Strikes Back”…


Two sided cutting isn’t a pro only feature so I don’t think software development is held up waiting for these pro units. Also simply cutting a slot in a basic would be enough to develop pass through code. Software is simply miles behind the hardware, even for the basic units.

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Oh for sure. But given that the trace feature until recently seemed kind of borked, I don’t have a lot of faith that the sw will be ready soon.


Yes…“Pray we don’t alter it more!” - :glowforge: