March Madness Calcutta Trophy

Each year, my team at work holds a calcutta auction for March Madness. The winner this year was lamenting that she had won two years in a row and had nothing to show for it. Enter the Forge.

I had recently purchased my GlowForge and saw a perfect opportunity to take it for a spin. Here is the trophy I put together for her. It is medium proofgrade acrylic housed in 3 layers of 1/8" baltic birch plywood. I neglected to mirror design on the acrylic; but still, I think it turned out pretty well.

I absolutely love that I can go from concept to product in a very short period of time and have something that looks (semi)professional. This machine is amazing!


Great design! :sunglasses::+1:

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Absolutely Beautiful!

I like it! Very interesting design. I get it…so much fun from idea to reality.

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Right!? Dig the hoop too. Nice work!

New freedom in creativity. Very nice design. :sunglasses:
I personally think the green glass acrylic would be striking in that!

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Very clever design, love the use of negative space. Well done

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Wow! That design is neat! Very clever. That is an award she is sure to love! Nicely done!

Such a light and airy design!

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Very clever design

Thanks all. This was a fun project and she did love it.

I found the art on GoGraph and made a few minor tweaks in Inkscape to make it GlowForge friendly. I didn’t use any masking on the birch because I thought the burnt edges gave it some nice dimension.

I love how that came out.

On a side note, I had never heard of a Calcutta auction and had to Google it. I still don’t think I understand what it is, but that’s OK since I don’t pay much attention to sports (except a tiny bit in hockey so I know whether my husband will be in a good mood or more grumpy!)


It actually is a perfect solution for March Madness for people who don’t know/care a lot about sports. Each individual gets a pot of “points” to spend on buying teams in the tournament. Prior to the tournament, the sports teams are presented for “purchase” at random and are bid on by the group.

During the tournament, you get 1 point for every actual point your team(s) scores. Your final score is the sum of the points your set of teams scored during the tournamanet plus whatever points your did not spend during the auction. Highest total score wins.

It allows for some fun strategy. Do you buy all the cheapest teams hoping for volume in the first round? Or do you buy the higher seeds at a premium hoping for duration in the tournament? You may even hold out until the end of the auction hoping to get a high-seeded team for cheap because everyone else is out of money. Good times.


That does sound fun. I work for myself, so I miss out on a lot of the fun group things that people enjoy in the office (and likewise avoid the negative aspects).

This is a really cool design!

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