Mario Super Star Christmas Tree Topper

I’m not much of a Christmas person but I participate as required by my family. So when my wife gave me our old cheap looking Christmas star to put on the tree because I’m the tallest of the 2 of us I said no. As you would expect that didn’t go over well… lol But after explaining why she was ok with it but I had to get busy making this.
Now that all that is out of the way I’m not happy with the lighting but I’ll fix that later. It did turn out nice enough for the time crunch I had to get it made and put up by the beginning of the month but I could have done better. That doesn’t make me any less happy every time I see it.


Awesome! That looks great!

Looks great but needs a smiling mouth?


It looks very happy to me!

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The star from Mario doesn’t have a mouth I believe. Just the two eyes.


That is wonderful! I wish I had thought of it.


Gee, thanks, now I have that music stuck in my head… This is great!


Nice. I really like it.

This :rofl:


Love this. How did you add the lights? Is it just two layers of acrylic? As an 80’s kid, this is perfect nostalgia!

I cut 2 of the stars out of 3mm yellow and made 10 side pieces that a little shorter than each side and were interlocking using one of the box maker websites. I cant remember which one off the top of my head. But I glued them together with hot glue as scaffolding and used e6000 glue to keep it together more permanently.
As far as lights I had the old star that I cannibalized to get it up and lit. I will be snaking an LED strip around the outer edge with them pointing inward and filling it something to defuse the light more evenly.
For the bottom I cut 2 of the side pieces in half so that its just a wide slot and can set on the tree and easily be adjusted. I always hated the star that we had because it wasnt easy to adjust and would droop or fall. This thing would take the tree down before it fell off and could be adjusted however is needed. My wife is terrified of our house burning down so we have a fake tree, I support that because I think real trees are messy. Real ones smell nice but its just for us and far less messy.


Makes me want to get that 3D all-stars game even more now. Turned out awesome and definitely a timeless piece!

It make me wonder if you can get a little electric music box that plays the “invincible” music…