Marketing suggestion for the Glowforge team

I have a new banner for Glowforge’s homepage:


Still waiting



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Bitter much?
It’s coming, just slower than expected.


Yup, pretty salty @tbelhumer. Trust me, I’d rather be using my creativity on laser projects!


Well, that was a good way to get your name noticed.
(I wonder if the people deciding the scheduling will take offense?)


… No comment.

Did you set that up to engrave with a score?


In the few moments I have become bitter about not having a Glowforge yet, I just meditate on how happy I am that I am not responsible for not having delivered thousands of very expensive machines. It makes me remember that my agitation could be much, much worse. Thanks for helping me remember the human element of this process!


The funny thing is @Jules, if they wanted to punish me by bumping me down the list, I wouldn’t know the difference because they’re not disclosing that information.

I’ve been pretty patient and think I’m allowed a little venting. …and at least I did it with flare.


That’s subjective.


Yeah, don’t want to beat a dead horse, but everybody TRY to remember that there are human beings at the other end of the barbs.

And making them feel bad is extremely self-defeating. No one does their best when they feel bad. A little support sent their way will remind them in a positive way why they got into this in the first place.

And just hang on…it’s always worst right before you’re picked up out of the shark filled waters. (Robert Shaw - “Jaws”.) :slightly_smiling_face:


And to think, if you’d used all that creativity in a positive manner you might be running a beta or PRU right now?


far be it from me to tell someone else how to feel, so you do you.

but given that this is just in response to delays and not anything specific there are probably better avenues for you to express frustration that don’t result in so many negative feelings for you and others.

what do you plan to make with your laser?


Yeh despite my complaints on the way GF handle these things I still agree with you here. The least we can do is keep it constructive. I wish they’d handle the communication better but mob rage is just unpleasant and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.


Is the title supposed to be “Marketing suggestion…”?


This would have made more sense if there were no Glowforges in the wild. But since Made on a Glowforge - Glowforge Owners Forum has actual production units owners posting projects and they have been seen and used at pretty much all the major maker faires. This dig does not really apply.

If you had maybe used ‘Lateforge’ maybe? At any rate- They are real. They do work. They are shipping. Are they shipping as fast as everyone would like? Nope. Is it shipping as fast as Glowforge would like? Nope. Pretty sure they want the units out the door as fast as possible to avoid topics like this one.

In the wise words of Yoda-


I’m actually really bothered by the idea of punishing people who have made negative remarks or been a bit vocal in their criticism of the schedule slips by further delaying their shipments. That seems unprofessional and inappropriate, and I hope it’s not happening. (Though I have an increasing amount of paranoia that it is indeed happening and I’m on the no-fly list.)


I’m just saying that relying on them to be better people than we are is not always the best idea.

They are very nice people, I’ve been working with them for several months now, but it’s human nature to get ticked off when people are in your face hollering at you all the time, or telling you how you should be doing your job.

I know you guys are not hollering at the individual people at Glowforge - you’re just venting because you’re frustrated. Well we’re all frustrated, and as frustrated as you are, they are even more so. But they have to set that aside, and keep working, as hard as they can, to try to get the product out to us as soon as they can.

And having to read how disappointed everyone is becomes demoralizing, and probably makes them wonder why in the hell they bothered to start this in the first place.

Vent if you have to, but once in a while try to offset that by being as supportive of the people building these things as you can find it in your heart to be. :wink:


I don’t think they’re like that. I (and others) have been pretty vocal about our disagreements with Dan’s communication style and how they’ve chosen to deal with delays over the past couple of years. Heck, even the whole Proofgrade thing was something I thought was at best a distraction from what they should have been doing. But in spite of that (or maybe because of that) they sent several of us similarly vocal folks PRUs. :slight_smile: (And I’m now a PG junkie too :wink: so they seem to be tending to be right.)

If I were a conspiracist I would say they did that so once I was hooked they could introduce the first temperature management change that left me unable to use the machine for 3 weeks and only after I was sufficiently reminded of how much I appreciated the unit did they introduce the second temperature management change that got me back online. :sunglasses: But I’m not big into conspiracies. I think they’re honestly trying to do the absolute best thing they can for all of their constituencies and making progress every single day to getting us all the machines we’ll be happy with.

Would I have liked to get this a year ago or even two? Sure. But one thing I do know is that the memory of the wait will fade long before the happiness I get from having and using the machine I’m getting gets old. At the end of the day I don’t begrudge them a single decision they’ve made, even the ones I’ve disagreed with - there’s a reason Dan’s doing this and I’m not.


i agree, but i don’t think @chris1 was suggesting they were, it was a clear implication of the earlier post.