Marking on Aluminium

Question for the hive mind: will the GF mark on Type III Hard-Anodized aluminium? I have marked on aluminium before, but never that type.

A quick google turned up a non-GF page that says, in part:

Laser Marking Hard Anodized Aluminum
A coating of hard anodize will be many times thicker than type II anodize. The anodize will penetrate the substrate as much as it builds up the surface. The result is a durable, ceramic like surface. Laser marking hard anodized parts can be challenging and difficult. We like to use our 50 watt lasers for hard anodize marking although with more laser passes and slower marking speeds, it can be accomplished with a 20 watt laser.

Based on the above, I’d wager that it’s possible, but that it will take a bit of experimentation to get the settings dialed in.

Best of luck!


There are two types of marking possible with anodized aluminum:

  1. Etching through the anodized surface layer to expose virgin aluminum. This takes the most power and may not be possible with the GF. It also robs the surface of the protection of the anodized layer.

  2. Ablatement of the dye in the anodized layer. This only works for anodization that has been dyed, so clear anodize will not show a result with this method. This method takes less power and preserves the protective layer.

I suspect you will have to experiment to find out the best settings for your specific process. I would start with the settings others have used for anodized aluminum and run some tests if possible.


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