Mask Hooks/Mask organizing center

Thanks to the general hook engineering from @raymondking32, that he shared previously for household key hooks, I made a mask organizer for my household. My first iteration of my own version is on that thread. I made this into a new thread because I thought mask hooks might be of timely interest right now. Anyway, after using that one for about 6 weeks I learned some lessons re: hook size and shape for our own needs, hook thickness (ended up using two layers of proof grade hardwood-- one was too easy for me to snap off), horizontal hook spacing. I also decided I wanted a bit more design, so jazzed it up a bit. These flowers are not my illustrations (most things I do I’ve drawn from scratch), but are from an amazing free font called DoodleDings 2 RetroFlowers that I totally recommend. (Every letter is a different flower illustration, with different illustrations for capital and lowercase-- i.e. there is a huge selection.). I ended up connecting to wall with 2" industrial velcro circles I have-- they’ll surely take the paint off the wall eventually, but easier than drilling in this particular wall (it’s a row-house/terraced house and this is the wall between us and neighbors, which we’ve learned is brick pretty quickly under the plaster), and it’ll stay up just fine. Also, I made my flower stems a bit too thin and broke two when peeling off masking, so the fencing layer glued behind was an add-on way to not need to redo the whole thing (the broken off flowers are glued to it for support). This is PG maple, with PG draftboard on the back layer, and I think it was PG basswood for the “fencing” behind the flowers.! The last photos is my hook fitting tests…


Perfect! I was thinking of something like that too, but yours is too reality!


Well done! Your flowers look great! Nice post!


I looked up the link. danger rabbit hole!


Nice practical cut for our current situation. My mask hangs in the car because my memory is short.


Yes, entirely danger rabbit hole. I love typefaces and have been on this site a lot over the years…


When “Rona” hits the road ——you will still have a beautiful addition to your home that can hold keys, dog leash, umbrella, small purse, scarf, messages for family members, hat, etc.


Looks great!


Very clever; I love to see what people come up with.


Great work. I love those flowers. Your work?

No-- see above for the name-- it’s an amazing (and free) graphic font. I usually only do things with my own work, but I just adore this font for a quick graphic.