Mask S-Hooks (Space-saving version)

There’s a dozen awesome surgical mask hook designs floating around out there and I made my own so I could cram as many of them as I could onto one sheet of acrylic. They’re also pretty quick to cut since they share a common cut line in the middle. I suggest 1/8" acrylic that can be sterilized and no extra designs or etchings that can make sterilization more difficult. Based on feedback in the GUG group, the S-curve design seems to be the preferred ones with hospital workers.

The files have various numbers of the hooks in one line so you have options to fit them on your acrylic sheet. (Just move the ones you don’t need off the print area.) Please improve or modify the designs as you need, but please share your improved design here for others. These can not be sold, but donations to replace material OK. Just don’t be a jerk about it and profit from folks needing these.

Large / 3.5" Mask Hooks
Small / 2.75" Mask Hooks



Thank you so much!


Very kewl file


I’d love to make and donate but how are these used? I’m sewing masks with my coworker.

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People catch the ends of the elastic in the hooks so the elastic doesn’t go behind their ears, it keeps the elastic from rubbing their ears raw.

How do we download the file?

Right-click on the one you want, and save it.

Are they comfortable? Seems like hard plastic might be kind of uncomfortable after a while as well… I was thinking wood with a living hinge in the middle to form to the head slightly.

All I know is people are making them and nurses are asking for them!

(I would not trust my hair in a living hinge, I’d be tossing it out if it tangled in my hair. )


Need to be able to clean it in a medical environment so unless you sealed the wood with something it’ll pick up and carry stuff just like the rest of a person.


Thank you so much! I just printed tons of these to donate to local healthcare workers!


Oh wow, thanks for the great response! This was not my original idea and all the credit goes to Chrissy Rippetoe over on GUG. If you want to explore all the other version of this floating around, go to the FB Glowforge User Group and click on the “announcement” link for a thread. There’s also a lot of talk about the best acrylic to use etc.

There are several similar designs out there ranging from complicated to the simple S-curve. Now that we’re getting feedback it seems the S-curve is likely the best design. There’s no living hinge or other smaller cuts for hair can get tangled in and the S is easiest to sanitize becasue it doesn’t have any sharp corners or small cut outs. And it seems like they wouldn’t be comfortable on the back of the head, but it doesn’t seem to be an issue at all.

Here’s how they are worn. The first illustrated example was made by a kind soul for everyone to use and both the images came from the GUG.


The living hinge gets caught in the hair pretty easily and several folks have reported issues with it. Also a lot harder to sanitize too.

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This makes me really happy! :heart: If you get feedback and the file needs adjusting, let us know.

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Thank You

Has anyone tried making them out of the 12x20 1/4" (Thick) acrylic? I just have more of that to spare than the 1/8" ???

It seems like that would be pretty thick and heavy, but I haven’t tried it or seen any examples of ones made with it. I do know several folks have gone to Home Depot/Lowes and explained what they were doing and were given a lot of scraps. Maybe that’s an option?

Thank you! On my to do list for the hospitals this weekend.

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