Mask Templates

Hey all, not sure if this idea has already been posted here - if it is feel free to let the mods know to close it.

I have been sewing masks like a mad person these past few days to make sure my community has enough cloth barriers to go around. I took a popular mask pattern and used the GF to cut the pattern from 1/8" birch so I could use my rotary cutter to quickly cut pieces without having to mark the pattern. Has worked out great, and you may know some sewers who this would benefit.

  • Lay your cloth down in a stack
  • Place template on top of the stack
  • Rotary cutter along the edges
  • rinse and repeat

I’m including the free to use SVG files for the four different sizes.

Child Mask Youth Mask Women_Teenager mask men's cloth mask


That’s great! Lots of folks are working on masks…I’m going to shift your post to the Free Laser Designs category since you included the file. Thanks for sharing it! :grinning:

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Thought that’s where I put it, apparently wasn’t paying attention, thanks @Jules


Although you could cut the fabric in your laser, making templates like this is actually a much more efficient (and clean!) way to do it. And can be used by others that don’t have a laser. Kudos for the great idea!


Exactly. You could do close to twelve sheets of fabric at a time and it only takes about five seconds to hand cut. I’ve already made a couple of templates for friends and family.

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Thank you for the files.

Thank you so much for sharing!

How do I find the SVG for the mask templet?

Right underneath the last photo.

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I see the pattern but how do I download it? There is nothing to click on, sorry never done this here before.

Right-click, save…

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Ahh, got it , thank you!!

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I did a similar thing for my mom. I made mine out of green acrylic so she could see the fabric pattern underneath. She was making masks for children and was using fun prints and it helped to line things up.


Great work! Those are very similar to quilt-piecing tools on the market for that exact thing (matching up the patterns). They’re super useful and I’m sure she loves them!

I made some of these also. I haven’f figured out how to post them. I made the different sizes nested in each other.

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That’s another great idea, I could get that uploaded on your behalf to the original post - is that ok?

The nesting idea might also be good for the acrylic in @mhartgrave 's project. Love it.

Face masks with pocked guides 2

OK lets see if I did this correctly

nested masks
Green is men’s with teen nested, the Red is womens with child nested. This one does not have the seam allowance accounted for.

Hi everyone! Am I understanding that you have a seam allowance added into these? And if so, what seam allowance did you use? I cut one of the adult templates out and it looks rather big!

I’m using a serger so I dont need really any seam allowance so I’m just trying to figure out if I should scale it down to account for a seam allowance I don’t need