Masked Art Toy


I may have gotten carried away with this new masked toy idea.

Meeples for my Peoples

Looks like just the right amount of carried away,

They look awesome. :slight_smile:


not at all… Keep going! Hats! Secondary stackables! Totem-pole stackables! Collect them all!


Your laser art is taking on a new dimension and I love it!


These are wonderful! Keep making them for sure.


Cute idea! Kind of like a paper-doll monster. :grinning:


Those are just Awesome! Times like this I wish the kids were younger again :slight_smile:


Look amazing!


so adorable!


Lil’ bit. LOL

Those are great!


These are fabulous! What great fun. You’re very talented! What did you use to color them?


These are so awesome and an interchangeable totem-pole is a great idea!


Wow. These are great.


Thanks! Usually I use watercolor, but I opted to use my art markers this time.


Hmm… That’s an interesting way of putting it that’s giving me another idea. Thanks!


I’m going a totally different direction with that totem pole idea. The wheels are turning. Thanks!


Aha! Now we see the brains of the operation…

:+1: :+1:


Love these so much!! Great work!


These are great. Well done!


There hasn’t been nearly enough carrying, much less awaying. Love the last one with the exposed brain, although I love all of them.