Masking and Engraving Pine Planks...Anyone done this?

I want to burn/engrave on Pine planks but I haven’t a clue on what settings to use or how to determine this, I have only ever used Approved materials and the settings that the machine just choses. I’m assuming when you use a non-glowforge material that you have to chose the settings? Also I know you have to mask it, where do you get this masking material, brand, what is is it called??



You can use the PG settings on non PG wood, but if there isn’t an equivalent (like PG cherry and non-PG cherry) you’re going to want to do some testing before you dive into a full project. Luckily there are quick and easy tests that folks have created to do just that!

Start here (number 2 and number 6 are of particular interest to you):


Thanks for your help!

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Testing is your friend in this case, but don’t sweat it – engrave and score operations into solid wood are incredibly tolerant across a wide range of power/speed combinations (cutting is a whole other matter). I always start with the settings for Medium Maple Plywood and go from there. Unless you are trying to accomplish a specific depth engrave for inlays, it’s pretty hard to mess up.


ok I’ll start there thanks. I wouldn’t even know what setting to start with other then 1 and try like every number lol, so at least this gives me a starting point thanks.

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