Masking metal from the laser

So, if I want to engrave a cutting board that has a metal hanging loop on it or metal handles… can I just cover the metal with masking tape or do I have to completely remove the metal so the laser wont bounce off it?

Thank you!!!

Hey so most metals are fairly harmless to let the laser hit but not all. The trick is to know which metals absorb laser light and which reflect it.

Copper is a big one to avoid, as it reflects the laser quite well and could theoretically damage your machine. There may be others that could damage it, google might be your best bet if you need to know if a specific metal is safe to hit with a CO2 laser.

If you’re not sure the best plan is to completely avoid having the laser pass over the metal bits, the second best plan would be to somehow cover the metal bits.

You did the right thing in being cautious, searching the forum and asking when it doesn’t get you an answer is exactly the right thing to do.


Thanks! The problem is that I’m not sure what kind of metal it is. I’m thinking it’s probably stainless steel or something but not sure. So it’s ok to have it in the machine as long as the laser doesn’t go over it? I will probable end up masking it just incase, lol. I’m still kinda scared of it, lol.

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Yeah if your art isn’t over the metal you should be fine, but when in doubt taking precautions is just good sense.

Don’t be scared, but a healthy respect is definitely smart. You got this. :slight_smile:

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Thanks!! I’m sure having fun with it!