Masking paper?

Does anyone know what the paper is called that comes on the proof grade wood? The paper that u peel off once you have lasered to avoid scorch marks?

Also, any idea where we can buy this paper to apply to wood?

Transfer paper.

The most commonly used here is Transferrite. A search for that should pull up a ton of info along with places to buy it.


I switched to perfecttear, and I think I prefer it. Ymmv.

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I’ve had my ‘forge for about a year now. I’ve always used 2" regular ol’ beige masking tape. May I recommend that you give it a try? I think you’ll be very happy with the results.

Only thing you need to be careful of is to not leave a gap between tape strips and, conversely, have no overlap. (Which is going to be true no matter what masking you use.)

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The one I use is from Expressions Vinyl, their paper tape in 12"x100’ rolls was about $20.


Do you typically use the low tac? Transferite 6560 or a different one.

I use this:

It says MHT, but, I dunno… I can apply it to photo paper and it releases without damage. But, it’s also tacky enough to apply and stay adhered to baltic birch without lifting.


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The 582-U and the 592-U are what TransfeRite specifically designate as “Laser Masking” material.


Is this it?

Nope. Three main differences that I can see:

  • The one you linked to is high-tack. The one I have is medium-tack.

  • Mine says “Nekoosa” brand, I wonder if Nekoosa got sold or something.

  • My roll is 12" width.


I think that PerfecTearPlus is a trademark of R.Tape. I know that a lot of the differently branded app tapes are all made by only a couple of manufacturers (R.Tape and TransfeRite being two of the ‘big guys’)


Thanks for the update. I appreciate it.