Masking paper

Hello, everybody! Can anyone tell me what kind of masking is used on the proofgrade material? Is it masking paper used to cover floors and other areas when painting? I’d like to pull the paper off of the material, paint it, then reapply before I engrave.

This one is the highest recommended, but there are many other options…


Awesome!! Thank you so very much.

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This really is amazing tape. I’ve been using it for all my projects. In fact I just bought five more rolls of the 12"x300’ (100yds). You’ll want the 12" if you plan to tape whole sheets of wood. Be sure to use something (plastic card, scrap wood) to really seal the tape down. Here’s what I mean. It’s a video of me applying tape. I’m using a block of wood that has some felt attached on one end to press the tape onto the wood:


Definitely. The adhesive is pressure activated. It needs to be pressed down. Some of us use printer brayers (Michaels, Amazon, etc) to adhere the masking after application. Your felt-bottomed block of wood is a neat trick.


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Buyer beware, you can get ripped off. There’s a big difference between 100 feet and 100 yards (200 feet to be exact) and sellers try to catch people offguard to charge then twice the price or more.


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