Masking silicone rubber question

Good afternoon GF Community. I apologize if this question was answered in another post. I haven’t been able to find anything during my research. The question I’m posing to the community is this: Has anyone masked silicone rubber, and, if so, what did you use? I have a large batch of silicone rubber wine glasses to engrave and paint. During my test runs the engraving turned out great, but isn’t highly visible after washing the ash/residue off. The two test items were painted by hand with oil based paint pens and they turned out great! However, with a large run of 20+ cups to do I need a faster way to finish the products. Masking and painting with a brush or spray would be the ideal way to complete this quickly, but I haven’t found anything that will stick to the silicone to use as a masking. I’ve been toying with the idea of using masking fluid, but I’m not sure it would stick, or if it would come off if it did. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance, and Happy 'Forging y’all!

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Yeah like a washable shellac or urethane. I think this has potential though I haven’t heard of anyone doing it.


I hadn’t thought of the washable shellac or urethane. Thanks for the idea @evansd2! I was originally thinking of using drawing gum. It’s a peelable rubber solution used generally for water colors. How well do you think the washable shellac would hold up to flexing while flattening the cup? I have to use large binder clips to get it flat enough to engrave, so I wouldn’t be able to apply it after they’re in place.


I’m wondering if just a cheap acrylic craft paint would do the job? I’m thinking if you got a smooth layer on the silicone, it should peel right off after you’ve done the painting on the engrave. Only problem is that the paint you use for the engrave might stick to the masking paint enough that it would peel off with the masking. I guess you just have to test.

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