Masking tape dispenser


My husband, Jon, figured that we’ll be using masking tape a lot now that Festus is here ($10 4’x8’ sheets of Home Depot plywood work well), so he designed this masking tape dispenser. It’s 6" wide and will hold multiple rolls.!

UPDATE: He posted it on Thingiverse:|375x500


Very nice, made on :glowforge:?


Oh wow, that is wonderful! I find dispensing masking from this 18" roll of mine a real pain. I could use one of these.


Gosh that’s a good one.


I’ll get him to put the design together for sharing.


I started to design one, but yah I’d print that one!
Thingiverse is a good repository for sharing designs with others.


That’s great - your husband has a talent for the designing! I just bought a roll of masking and something like this would be fantastic to have.


Really digging the hacksaw blade cutter. :wink:


Ooh, I was trying to figure out what that was! This a really great design.


Posted on Thingiverse…see updated original post for link.


Oh thank you!


Where did you get an 18" roll of masking tape? I’m looking for the best deal. I found 3"-wide, 60-yard rolls at


Thanks for posting it. The 3d design translated perfect into F360.


try or, look for transfer tape or application tape, and avoid the clear ones; the clear transfer tapes almost all are pvc-based.
I personally like TransferRite 592U (hi-tack, on the red inner roll) for masking my own unfinished wood, and 582U(med tack, yellow inner roll) for masking aluminum, acrylic, and polyester wrap films.


Yup. Ran out while converting Rockler BB to GoofGrade. Another 100’ roll on its way!


Oh, that would come in handy! :grinning:


I just ordered the 582U out of people’s recommendations, and i was thinking of designing a tape dispenser (for 18") too, now I guess I wont have to start from scratch!

Thanks OP for sharing!