Do you put masking tape on leather too

No need to keep opening new topics for these questions, you can search for “leather masking”.

The answer is “sometimes, depends on what you’re doing.” Searching the forum will answer this and many other questions.


Seconding @evansd2.

You can, but you may not need to. Or want to.
I find it a waste of time for the most part–since you need to wash the soot out of the etched areas or off the cut edges anyway, using a bit of soap with a toothbrush (my preference, but there are other ways, see other threads) gets any residue off the top of the leather, too. Usually. Or the masking could affect the finish of the leather, too.

But sooooo many types of leathers, that you need to test with and without masking for yourself and decide what you like best for the look you want and how you are processing it post-GF.

Thank you

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