Mason Jar Cookies


Don’t know if you guys ever do the Mason Jar cookies as gifts during the holidays, but they’re easy and kind of cool to give to neighbors and friends. I thought a little forged wood instruction card might be in order this year, to hand out with the jar of goodies.

You can add the instructions for your cookie creations to the blank below. :slightly_smiling_face:

Mason Jar (3.2 KB)


@Jules thank you so much for the file! What a great idea!


Super cute–thank you!


Nice touch! My wife does those every year in an assortment for different preferences.


All the neighbors and all the coworkers are getting all things lasered this year for all the gifts.
Thanks for the file!


You are a true treasure trove of ideas, and another big thank you for the file.


You’re very welcome guys! Thank you for all the inspiration and support! :wink:


What a cool idea! How are you going to attach it? I would have thought holes at the top so you can tie it on with a ribbon.


Great idea!! Thanks for sharing!