Massive Display case!

I haven’t created a new project in two weeks! Been on vacation, I had to make my biggest project yet as a welcome back from vacation project to myself lol. I made this Massive 1/4" Acrylic a 1/8" hybrid material display case. Holds all sorts of stuff, With an inside size of 14" L x 9.75" D x 8" H.

Files are now up for grabs if you want to make your own here: Custom Laser Designs by FreshStartCustoms on Etsy


Great display case, going to give it a try


Thanks, I appreciate it

Looks really good!


I went ahead and liked it… even it you ARE a cowboys fan. :rofl:


Ha ha, I’m not a cowboys fan that’s just something one of my file testers used for an example lol.

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Nice job! It has very clean lines.


A beautiful turnout!

I was toying with making a slightly bigger display case … in the end I had cabinets with glass doors on the uppers installed on one living room wall. Of course, I filled it quickly, and so my Grandmother’s typewriter is still stored with the lid on.

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Nice! I am not a cowboy fan, but those green pumps are mighty nice!

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