Master My.Sketchup and Make a Glowforge Glider in Minutes!

Free tools in the browser and a nifty cardboard glider when you are done. No guarantee it will fly… but half the fun is finding that out on your own. =)


what is a glider?

(in this case) A toy airplane that is unpowered (you chuck it to get it going). It’s a step up from a paper airplane
There are full sized human carrying gliders as well, those usually get their power from dropping off cliff edges :slight_smile:

In our STEM course we make them out of balsa which is expensive… They fly well… but I wanted to see if I could find a way to make them for FREE. =)

Glowforge is out of action at the moment. =( Have to send it in for repairs.

10 days without it atm… figured this entire 9 weeks of students is going to miss out on it. =(

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