Master reference for materials settings

I must be stupid, as this is probably somewhere in the matrix and I missed it, but is there a master location where one find settings for different material, as tried by others? I know I would love to find at least as a starting point the settings for different materials: for example I was cutting .25" cedar and was having a hard time cutting all the way thru without making a huge charred mess…

so a central file, where people can post their findings, with pictures of the results, would be great.
and if doesn’t yet exist (in an organized way) I’d be happy to give it a shot!


It does exist!


you be blessed!

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Are we able to add to this list or is it closed? I noticed the denim machine is on Pro, and I have Plus.

Looks like the file is open. However, I noticed that the denim you reference has a power setting of 10, any power setting under FULL is the exact same on all models of the GF. They designed it that way so that settings could be shared easier. Even a power of 100 is the same on all machines. Only power setting that is different is FULL.

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If you received your Plus before November-ish you have the tube of a Pro, so your Full power is the same as a Pro full power. If you acquired your Pro very recently, then it has the tube of a Basic and your Full power is the same as a Basic. Presumably, somewhere it is documented whether you have the 45W (Pro) or 40W (Basic) tube.