Mat board Hershey text extension


Used Hershey text extension on Inkscape to score Douglas Malloch’s ‘Good Timber’ poem onto the mat board around the watercolor I whipped up today for my therapist.

Most satisfying thing: watching the glowforge write in cursive.

Dissatisfying: seeing my inexperience with technology (ok. And impatience) show through in the spacing of the text.


I really love this. I’m tickled that you “whipped up” a watercolor, and that you were able to use this tool to personalize your artwork even further. Also, cool poem :slight_smile:


Haha! It’s amazing how toddler naptime-limits can motivate creative progression.


It’s a wonderful project! You might be pushing me to download Inkscape just so I can use that extension. Illustrator doesn’t do nearly as well with those single line fonts.


What a nice project … Looks great!


The text idea is really good, but the water color is great!


I tried uploading the video of Glowdi Laforge writing in cursive but the file was too large. That would have convinced you for sure.


Does that work? I had to do the time lapse instead of the video. Not as exciting.


Oh yeah. That is really cool!


that’s beautiful!


Nice idea!


Wow, your Glowforge has sweet handwriting! :slight_smile:


The watercolor is great! I’m finding the GF abets procrastination 'cause you know you can make something on short notice. . .


That text is a gorgeous idea on the frame. :grinning:


Beautiful Watercolor and I’m starting to incorporate Hershey text into my stuff. It’s very cool.


Saddens me that a machine can write much more legibly than I can. :anguished:
But then, I too have a :glowforge:, so a cursive script with ‘sepia ink’, perhaps ?