Material for Card Separators

I’m thinking of making some laser cut card separators - to separate different sets of cards in a table-top board game. I’d like to use a semi flexible plastic-like material, not more than twice the thickness of a standard playing card. What kind of material should I look at?


Acrylic comes in extremely thin flexible sheets, both clear and in various colors, though it can be tricky to source it for less than industrial scales. You might just try some overhead projector transparency sheets – they’re still out there, and should work fine.

Polypropylene is thin, flexible and cheap, and pretty colours, I think it would be good for playing card separators.

Acrylic can be rather brittle especially in thin sheets, it has a tendency to snap rather than flex, polypropylene would recover from being bent double (although it would have a mark on it)

Polypropylene sounds more like what I’m looking for - I’d like for the card to be resilient. Where would one buy that sort of thing?

You can buy polypropelene at ePlastics. You may want to give them a call and see if this is the best option for what you’re trying to do. They seem to be the plastics experts. I’ve been eyeing up their acrylics for the laser.

1 Like Cut cards for poker – these should work well.

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