Material Manager Refresh

Over the past several weeks I’ve had some extra free time and was getting quite tired of the old material manager so I spent some of my spare time doing complete UI overhaul. Plus, I added a few cool features.

Notable Features:

  • Set Material from Plugin
  • Material Search
  • Input Validation
  • Cloud Sync Controls
  • Backups
  • More Help Text

And lastly…

Custom QR Code Detection

UI Tour

Set Material

Install Here


Absolutely great news! Apreciate your work! Thanks a lot! Will try it out as soon as I can.

This is very cool. One of the first things I thought after getting my GF and making my first cuts on PG material was, “I bet someone out there has figured out a way to make their own QR codes for non-PG material.”
Nicely done!

It was surprisingly easy, once I had the capability to inject materials. However, surprisingly difficult as chrome extensions are the worst. I was thinking about this last night, it probably would have been easier for me to create a Electron based Desktop app than to create a chrome extension.

I’m working on creating stamps for my home usage, that seems like the best way to add a QR Code to any masked material. In the meantime, I’ve just glued printed paper squares to a pieces of thick card stock and it works pretty well.


I printed the QR Code and placed it in the Glowforge. However the Glowforge does not recognize the Code. If I place a Glowforge QR Code it recognizes the Code.
I also tried scanning the QR code with a smartphone. The Glowforge QR scanned, but the Material Manager QR did not.
Am I doing something wrong ?


It’s definitely not anything you did. QR Code scanners, especially the ones I’ve found for JS have all been terrible. I thought that I had it working well enough, it appears not.

If possible could you provide the location in your GF you place the QR Code, Top-Left, Top-Center, Top-Right, etc, and the approximate size of the QR Code? I will take a look at it tomorrow, I think that I’ve found a QR Code scanner that will work better. I really don’t want to write my own from scratch.


  • Make sure the QR Code lays fairly flat
  • Make sure that it’s mostly square with the machine
  • Make sure you use the first QR code link (without settings)
  • Make sure that material still exists in the Material Manager
  • Make sure its approximately the 1.5" square
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I updated the library that I was using and it seems to be performing better. If you restart chrome it should be more accurate.

To verify the plugin version browse to: chrome://extensions and verify that the extension is at least 0.4.10

I tried placing the QR at various places in the Glowforge (Top Right, Center Lower Left etc.)
I Tried different sizes from 1/4 square to 6 inch square.
The QR was square with the machine.
I used the QR without settings.
I tried different materials that were in the Material Manager.

It may be a little more convenient if the QR Code was saved to disc in PDF format instead of SVG.



That did the trick. The Glowforge is reading the QR Codes fine now.


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