Material MSDS - Is this neoprene safe?

Just trying to determine if this material is safe to cut. I have the MSDS but honestly dont know if Im missing anything. I dont see any direct chemicals like chlorine etc… but are they in some of these compounds?


The document tells you all the stuff that is not detected but doesn’t mention what it is or what is in it. Useless info here. Not the full MSDS.


Don’t think so. Heating neoprene can release hydrogen chloride, and it contains hexavalent chromium, which you might recall, (from the movie “Erin Brockovich”), is a rather bad long term carcinogen in high concentrations.

The internet laser users wisdom is mixed on whether it’s safe to burn or not. It’s a synthetic rubber so apparently it can be done, but not much on whether it should be done.


Somewhere in the complete MSDS should be a list of the combustion by-products. That’s what you are looking for.


This thread has a bunch of interesting info. From the sounds of it you can but probably don’t want to

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