Material Selection Uncertainties

So, I’m a new user and my Glowforge finally arrived this past weekend. I’m having a ball learning to use this thing.

For those of you that use materials other than proof grade that Glowforge sells, how do you go about figuring out if a material is safe to use? Do you just roll the dice and hope nothing bad happens? I’m hoping there’s a safer way…lol!

Also, what are some specific materials and where did you purchase that you’ve found work well and are safe for use?

Thank you in advance for your help!

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Very bad idea to guess:-). Do a google search of laser safe materials. ALWAYS avoid PVC (chlorine). There’s lot of discussion in the forum. Do a search of something you ‘want’ to laser and you’ll probably find most of that info right here in the forum.


Check out #4, #1a, and #2:

In fact, since you’re a new user (welcome!), I bet you’ll find it all pretty useful.

PS: also what @rvogt said


The Glowforge manual discusses safe to laser material so be sure to read all of the manual.

If you click through the Gallery tab you will find lots of inspiration and material ideas.


What they all said - and also, there are many vendors that work with laser cutters. When purchasing look for materials that confirm that they’re laser safe. We’ve gone from a niche to a large percentage of maker materials purchased so companies are getting that information out there front and center.


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