Material settings

Can someone tell me where to find information for settings for materials used that are not draft board. I want to laser cut fabric for quilt patterns.

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Materials differ so much you are better off testing each one to dial in the effect you are looking for.


Try searching for “fabric settings” and “denim settings”.

Also try “quilting”.

Lots of info out there, but I’ll caution you, there are as many types of fabric as can be imagined, so you’re not going to find a one size fits all setting. Learn more about dialing in settings for materials by searching for “material test”.


Thank you very much. I am new to all of this.

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The only place we can discuss non-PG settings in the forum is in the “Beyond the Manual” area, so that’s where you should focus your searches. :slight_smile:


Also if you do find some good settings - feel free to update here:

It’s a grand depository! It’s still worth running a test on a setting you find there, but it certainly dials you in closer than starting from scratch :slight_smile:


You are my hero! Thank you for posting this!!! :smiley:

You’re very welcome - I honestly don’t use it all that much any more finding PG settings to cover SO many things, but I still go in for guidance with something truly new and interesting :slight_smile: