Material thickness I need help

I have a round 15" board that I’d like to engrave. It appears to be 1" thickness. The glowforge will not engrave the material. It tells me it’s too tall. I also have the tray out.

Thanks, Johanna

with crumb tray out, put your board in the forge and put some other flat materials under it so that the upper surface is just above where the tray normally lies. i think something in the 1/2 inch range would work. Use the set focus feature to measure where the actual surface is and you are good to go.


There’s a picture in this link that might help you understand where your material needs to be.


What if you want your burn to be darker?

It takes a lot of experimenting to get precisely the results that you want. Speed, LPI, strength, and species of wood are all variables and even the same species will give different results in different places in the same piece. It is best to sacrifice a piece to a wide range of settings that you can ue for that species.

to be sure it is correctly black there is always paint.:thinking:

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You change how deep the laser burns by adjusting your setting. Sounds like you might want to go through the “first three prints” tutorial to get and idea how it all works. You can find it here.:relaxed:

And here. This has great info about manual settings too


Thanks everyone for the help!

The Set Focus target allows you to select an area to take a precision measurement of the material’s height using the red dot in the printer head. You can see more about Set Focus here:

Since you’re printing on non-Proofgrade material, I’m going to move this to Beyond the Manual for the conversation to continue there.

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