Material to cut

What materials can I engrave on the basic glowforge and how thick?

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almost any material! - and 1/2" thick (but you gotta remove the crumb tray, and put something under it to get it to the ‘laser’ height - but people have etched glass, engraved wood, steel. there is an AWESOME VIDEO you should watch


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Check out # 1a, 2, and 4:


Sounds like you should spend some time at - it answers all your questions!

I’ll recommend and particularly.

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community is urging people not to cut,engrave or score on vinyl.

or anything else that contains PVC and/or chlorine

…and if you even use vinyl/PVC just once or twice, your machine may stop working and it will not be covered by warranty.

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and its a GOOD IDEA not to engrave a gasoline can!


OR to give yourself a cool tattoo thru the passthru!

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