Material to use for products that interact with touchscreens?

I’ve been asked to make a bunch of “clean keys” for my colleagues, if you haven’t seen them there are a bunch of designs on Thingiverse and elsewhere. Essentially it’s a key-like object that attaches to your keychain and allows you to open door handles and push buttons without using your hands. I’ve cut some prototypes out of 1/4" acrylic, but the complaint has been that they can’t interact with touchscreens. Is there a similar material I could use that would be functional with a touchscreen? Maybe something conductive? Thanks for any suggestions.

Use the same design pattern you are using now. But line the edge with copper tape. From where the finger goes in to the ‘pointing’ surface. This method works with surface capacitive & projective capacitive touchscreens.


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I just bought a 10-pack of little styli for $2, and pulled off one of the tips (I needed one to attach to a motorcycle glove.)

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