Material width question (cutting hairs, metaphorically speaking)

Hi all,

Standard Glowforge on preorder but contemplating an upgrade to the Pro, barring one kind of obscure question.

I know the GlowForge can etch/cut up to a 20" wide piece of material, but what I have that I want to etch is a piece of wood that’s 20-1/4" wide (and substantially longer, so I wouldn’t be able to go sideways, not an option).

I don’t care if I can only etch/cut within that 20" range, as long as I could shove something through it that’s 20-1/4" wide. Would a Pro be able to accommodate that extra width?

Tech Specs list exactly 20" for the passthrough slot.

There is quite likely some spare area outside of the cutting field within the forge. But since you are more than 20" in the other dimension, it is the passthrough specifically which is your limiting factor.

Your item is 3/8" or thinner? That is another known dimension on the slot. The 20" may not be 100% exact, only the Forge staff could answer if the Tech Specs are spot on, or approximate. It does list 1/4" for the height limit, and I know it has been posted as 3/8" on the forums.

Quote from dan.

I’d imagine there is some margin on the 20" width, but I don’t know for sure. My guess would be they added 1/8" on each direction. But, as @jacobturner said, one of the Glowforge staffers will have to answer that.